The members of HAAT are regular, auxiliary and honorary.

Regular members of HAAT are the founders of the association and those who subsequently, after its foundation, are admitted as members, provided that they fulfill all legal requirements, have completed their 18th years of age, are evidently engaged with Assistive Technology and belong in any profession, including but not limited to: therapists, IT, engineers, clinicians, educators, researchers, etc.

Auxiliary members indicative but not exclusively, are the students of respective professions, people with disabilities and people with special needs and the elderly, who are or are interested in becoming users of Assistive Technology, people who care and support the above, friends of HAAT, and generally those who accept its goals and are working towards their achievement.

Honorary members are nominated by the Board of Directors, people with excellent services in the academic or financial support for the implementation of the objectives of HAAT.

Members Registration

Registration as a member is decided by the Board of Directors, upon request of the applicant, which is accompanied by a detailed CV and supporting documents (such as copies of diplomas, certificates, publications, etc.) and after they have been recommended by two (2) regular members. If the Board rejects the application, the applicant may submit a new application accompanied by new documents.

A similar procedure is followed for the registration of auxiliary members, whose CV can be replaced by a text, which supports the candidate’s special interest in the objectives of HAAT.

Application for Membership